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Skip Amidon / Wyatt Amidon / Blakely Amidon
318-278-0822 or 318-235-2935 

Skip Amidon / Wyatt Amidon / Blakely Amidon
318-278-0822 or 318-235-2935 



Aviation Consulting

Our extensive experience in Aircraft Management and Aircraft Maintenance - over 25 combined years as Directors of Maintenance, over 70+ combined years managing a variety of aircraft from the Cessna 402 to the Cessna Citation series, from the King Air C90 to the Hawker 800, from the Bell 206 to the Eurocopter/Airbus EC-135 - has given us the knowledge and ability to assist you in making aviation decisions whether they be on a corporate or an individual level.

We offer consultation on a variety of aviation issues including but not limited to:
     1) immediate issues with an aircraft down for maintenance,
     2) which aircraft purchase best suits your needs or your company's
     3) establishing market value of aircraft thru appraisal,
     4) how to set up an efficient and safe aviation department.

Our consultation services are offered by the hour, the day, or the project.

Contact us at:  318-278-0822, 318-235-2935 or secure email at:

Aircraft Acquisitions

Acquisition of an aircraft is serious business.  Your aircraft purchase needs to be one you can feel comfortable with, both "in the air" and "in your wallet". 

With our heavy maintenance background, we know how to look past pretty paint and a nice interior to log book entries and actual maintenance  performed and maintenance due.  

Many "great deals" have become headaches.  Let our years of experience work for you and your next aircraft purchase.

Aircraft Sales

When we represent you as the aircraft seller, it is our aim to market your aircraft so that it is understood from the beginning that you are selling a valuable asset and we are being honest and forthright in all representations of this asset.

We will advertise your aircraft in multiple venues and answer all inquiries with professionalism.  Our many years in the aviation industry and our familiarity with various types of aircraft (from a Cessna 172 to a Citation V; from a Beechcraft Baron to a Hawker 800, or the BO-105, etc.) enables us to do this with an ease of knowledge that will make a potential buyer comfortable. 

This is often a time consuming process, starting with the first phone call and ending with an offer-to-purchase, a pre-buy survey and the final negotiations after the pre-buy is completed. 

General Information:  Having  professionals who are capable of handling any of the above situations  with diplomacy and honesty, allows you (the buyer, seller or consulting client) to continue your work routine without worrying about all the minute details of your aviation project, aircraft sale, or acquisition.  If you receive a call from us, you will know it is about a decision only you can make.

Contact us anytime by cell phone (318-278-0822) (318-235-2935) or secure email:

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