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 BO-105 CBS4  S-621

This aircraft has done a great job for it's present owner.  It can certainly do the same for you, your company, or client!


BO105 CBS-4       EMS Equipped


S/N 621

Total Time  16827.0

Total Landings - 48993

Main Transmission 1727 Hours Remain Until O/H
Intermediate Gearbox  3045 Hours Remain Until O/H
Tail Rotor Gearbox  2803 Hours Remain Until O/H
Rotor Mast  2010 Hours Remain Until O/H

Engine #1:

     M250-C20B     S/N   CAE 836341
     Engine Total Time 11963
     Engine Total Cycles - 25062
     Compressor Hours Remain Until O/H - 1079
     Turbine Hours Remain Until O/H - 2811
     Turbine Hours Remain Until HSI - 1061

Engine #2:

     M250 -C20B     S/N CAE 834815
     Engine Total Time 16827
     Engine Total Cycles 37475
     Compressor Hours Remain Until O/H - 2654
     Turbine Hours Remain Until O/H - 3026
     Turbine Hours Remain Until HSI - 1276

Times/Cycles Requirements may vary from Part 135 to Part 91.

For more information, please call 318-278-0822 or email

If no answer, please leave a message.

Priced at:  Just reduced to $299.999

These times and specifications are subject to verification by purchaser or purchaser's agent.  This aircraft may be removed from the market at any time.

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